We also provide transport on subsidize rate to facilitate our students and their parents.


Our school has open and large grounds available to students for their physical and metal health. Students opportunity to play out door sports like football, cricket, basketball, badminton and get involved in other outdoor activities.


The Mardan Lyceum provides open environment to students to interact with technology and learn practically use of new gadgets i.e. computers, smart-boards, projectors and other gadgets.


We have special focus on communication of our students that starts from very initial ages. We develop their skills in English, Arabic and Urdu.


Activities based learning and practical hands on experience.

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No Favoritism

Teachers are our spiritual parents, therefore they must treat all students equally. When a teacher makes any student his favorite, then other students tend to become victims of inferiority complex. All the students may not be perfect, so instead of concentrating on a stronger one only, a teacher should promote weaker students too. When a […]

The Mardan Lyceum center of opportunities

The Mardan Lyceum is a bubbling pool of opportunities for all those who want to pursue their career according to their own individual skills and mental faculty. The team of Mardan Lyceum recognizes the “English intelligences” that a human mind has. We work to identify the dominant intelligence of individual student and polishes it to […]

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