No Favoritism

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Teachers are our spiritual parents, therefore they must treat all students equally. When a teacher makes any student his favorite, then other students tend to become victims of inferiority complex. All the students may not be perfect, so instead of concentrating on a stronger one only, a teacher should promote weaker students too. When a teacher prepares only one student, then he or she cannot motivate others and eventually the students’ self-esteem is affected.

Teachers are said to be spiritual parents as they guide us, teach us and makes us what we should be. For parents, all the children are equal and there is no concept of stronger, weaker or good and bad for them. A teacher should also maintain equality in the classroom to maintain he dignity of that title.

When they do not get the attention of teachers, the students feel humiliated. Students might think that they are unable to perform those tasks which the students whom the teacher considers his favorite can do. Eventually they lose confidence and withdraw into a shell.

Every student may not be perfect. Instead of concentrating on the best student, the teacher should promote weak students too. Yes, the better one needs appreciation but the weak one needs more motivation. A teachers’ motivation can bring a lot of improvement in students.

Favoritism discourages others from doing their best. Teachers pet syndrome is highly destructive for the self-respect of students.

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