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The Mardan Lyceum is a bubbling pool of opportunities for all those who want to pursue their career according to their own individual skills and mental faculty. The team of Mardan Lyceum recognizes the “English intelligences” that a human mind has. We work to identify the dominant intelligence of individual student and polishes it to help student in selecting appropriate field and career for himself/herself. The eight intelligences are Linguistic intelligence, logical Mathematical intelligence, spatial intelligence, bodily kinesthetic intelligence, Musical intelligence, Interpersonal intelligence, Intrapersonal intelligence, Naturalistic intelligence.

All these eight intelligences are worked upon through the versatile timetable of The Mardan Lyceum that incorporate subjects like communication skills, art and craft, nature exposure, EPL, sports, nazra, ethics and a lot more.

Mardan Lyceum does not believe in cramming bookish knowledge in the minds of students but makes education interesting and fruitful for them by teaching through fun activities.

The Mardan Lyceum with its natural environment and open grounds is an ideal place for both mental and physical growth of children.

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